I am a Natural Language Understanding Research Engineer at Nuance Communications, and a former PhD student in the UC Santa Barbara Department of Linguistics.

My work focuses on creating voice-controlled solutions for TVs, smartphones, computers and cars. In particular I work in Natural Language Understanding. I have worked primarily on Dragon TV (which is integrated into hardware/software from LG, DirecTv and others), contributing to versions in many languages, including English, Mandarin, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German. My work has also contributed to the Samsung Galaxy's S-voice software, Dragon Assistant for Ultrabook PCs, and a variety of voice-controlled cars. 

My linguistic interests center around using computational, corpus-based methodology to study interactional and conversational practices. My MA Thesis is titled "Cross-linguistic variation in turn-taking practices," available online here. My main language of expertise is Mandarin Chinese, although I have conducted research that looks at several major world languages (see MA thesis). In addition to these theoretical and methodological interests, I am also oriented towards applied linguistics and language pedagogy. I have done research on language teaching, and have taught ESL and Chinese.